The Groomsman Suit: A The Farm at Willowbrook Open House Partner

May 10, 2016

When most people think about wardrobe for a wedding day, their mind goes straight to the bride! With an array of gorgeous styles, fabrics and accessories– the bride has so many choices, and so do her bridesmaids! The question is, what about the groom? What about the groomsman? This is the exact question that Jeanne and Kevin Foley of The Groomsman Suit asked themselves when planning their very own wedding in 2013.

As many couples know, wedding planning is a long, busy and dueling process! With so many things to choose, so many things to buy and so many people to contact, some things just seem to get unnoticed. When Jeanne and Kevin went to pick out attire for Kevin’s favorite guys, they soon realized that not only are your choices limited, but they are expensive just to RENT! After calculating their costs and total wedding expenses, they realized there had to be a better option, and The Groomsman Suit was created!


Together, with the help of their good friend Diana, the trio combined their experience in apparel, customer service and branding, and set out to fill the void in menswear, specifically designed and targeted to wedding parties! They were able to create tux and suit options with an updated fit and high quality fabrics in a solid variety of colors that fit into today’s wedding trends. The best part is– they are all priced below the cost of a traditional rental AND you get to keep it! For just $179.00, the tux or suit is made just for you and yours to keep! “Your guys will not just be left with the memory or their handsome look, they’ll own it.”




JPC Event Group loves how unique and well thought out The Groomsman Suit truly is! Who would want to rent a suit that has been worn and washed by numerous people, numerous times, when they can buy one for cheaper? Not only is the option more cost efficient, but you will be truly amazed at the quality. Don’t believe us? Come to our The Farm at Willowbrook Open House & Garnish Event Design Floral Showcase this Sunday, May 15th to see our models in The Groomsman Suit attire first hand!

For more information on The Groomsman Suit, check out their website and Instagram page!

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Thank you for partnering with us, The Groomsman Suit! We can’t wait to see your savvy collection debut at The Farm at Willowbrook!

xo, JPC Event Group

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