Lavish Gift Bags

March 28, 2016

Lavish party favors have become a customary perk for guests at major events and award shows and the Oscars is definitely among the list. This year the Oscars swag bag is really out of control and the assortment of goodies is estimated to be worth $232,000!

Included among the extravagant gifts is a 10-day VIP trip to Israel, a 15-day private walking tour of Japan, laser treatments at 740 Park MD, personalized M&M’s, a year’s worth of Audi car rentals from Silvercar, plus many more expensive and bizarre items.

But welcome bags don’t need to be so extravagant to make your guests feel right at home! Welcome totes have become the latest wedding day must-haves and are the perfect vessel to greet your guests and add that extra personal touch.

Whether you’re splurging on the accessory or looking for ways to get creative without busting the budget, here are five picks to include that will make your tote one to remember. 

  1. The tote

Pick something inexpensive to stash all the goodies in, like a canvas tote bag (ideal since guests will be able to reuse it later), decorative boxes, or paper bags. Personalize the bag with your wedding logo and wedding date, but try to keep it stylish yet generic, so guests will be more likely to use it after the wedding.

Image courtesy of Emmaline Bride

  1. The refreshments

Bottled water is a nice gesture —and booze is even nicer! Some ideas include a miniature bottle of champagne, bottles of locally brewed beer, or some other beverage unique to your locale.



  1. Weekend lineup

Take this opportunity to put in cards or special notes to guests which outlines all the events of your wedding (that they’re invited to, of course), hinting at the proper dress code and whether or not food will be served. Include contact info, key locations, and times so that guests will be able to arrive promptly, or contact you with questions.

garnish-gift-bags-4Image courtesy of Offbeat Bride

  1. Map

A detailed map of the wedding location is perfectly complimented by tasty treats and refreshing drinks. Get your guests excited from the second they arrive with these inspired ideas for your welcome bags.

garnish-gift-bags-5Custom handmade map by Designer Maps by Zoe

  1. Local goodies

Help your guests enjoy their downtime by cluing them in on the area’s must-sees and dos. Throw in a list of your favorite boutiques and coffee shops as well as some local artisanal treats. If it’s the city where you two fell in love, a sweet anecdote about a place (maybe your first-date spot) or street (your new home) makes for an additional touch.

Image courtesy of Whirl Magazine





-For a full list of items included in the Oscars gift bag, visit Harper’s Bazaar.

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