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May 27, 2017

We love sharing the beautiful, happy, well put together weddings that are hosted at the farm on our blog!  It’s a chance for us to revel in your happiness, and share our pleasant memories of the day.   Lately, though, it has been feeling like perhaps we should share some of our experiences as a staff at Rustic Acres also.  

Just as our clients, our team of venue coordinators, event planners, floral staff, service attendants, chefs, farm property owners, and inventory managers all have families and commitments outside of the work week that we enjoy and long to participate in.  We also have feelings and desire to do our jobs well.  We have accepted that we will be giving up many weekends, holidays and special milestones of our own to ensure that our clients have the best days of their lives.  With that said…

Please know that when your vendors scream at us because they want earlier access to the farm, or your guests enter the restricted horse pasture and throw drinks on us because we ask them to stop riding the horses bareback, these aren’t high points of our day or our task of making your wedding day the best it can be.

When we enter the bridal cottage after you exit for the evening faced with a sea of your trash and debri that couldn’t even be placed in a trashcan, or you felt inclined to “take” the champagne glasses and dishes that we provide in the kitchenette or the art off the wall that was custom painted for us by a previous client home with you, that doesn’t make us grateful that we worked super hard through heat, rain or other conditions to ensure everything was perfect.  

When you and your guests speak to us as if we do not deserve courtesy, or your father drunkenly berates us because last call is over and the bar has been closed for clean-up, we are often left to second guess our choice to dedicate ourselves to celebrating others and their happiness.

When your bridal party thinks it would be hilarious to unlock the cow pasture gate and “encourage” the cows to flee in fear, we are not toasting your nuptial love while searching the neighboring fields and forests in the dark.  

When you or your guests throw drinks, hot cups of coffee, hot candle wax, and trash over the sides of the barn deck railing and hit us while we go about our duties below, or your guests crash their vehicles into the farm security fence and bend the post, breaking the opening mechanisms, and then drive away leaving us to discover it later when you need out of the drive, we aren’t really compelled to maintain our sense of joy in celebrating with you.

It’s the law of cause and effect it seems.  So please… wedding guests, industry vendors, and client hosts alike, let’s all celebrate to the best of our abilities and remember that we are all human.

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